Specialties include:
Restaurant Design;
theme creation
Franchise Imaging

A highly-skilled Artist
her murals and
Trompe L'oeil paint-
ing, decorative paint-
ing, detailed and
genuine Faux finishes
are renowned.

In construction and rehabilitation of real estate, there's no substitute for superb design, timely execution and Project Management that comes from a master. With over 25 years of experience and a successful track record, Diana combines her impressive Credentials with creative genius and brings the knowledge and expertise necessary to handle big projects from start to finish.

Whether its Space Planning or Business Imaging, or Business Development, Diana can help you make wise decisions that affect your property or business value. She has the expertise and experience to guide you through sound design changes, implement creative solutions painlessly with straight talk and estimates for a complete, professional look in any space.

Achieving a complete and professional look in any space can be overwhelming. Diana Riggs is your assurance that your renovation or building design is functional, represents your objectives, and saves you from a nightmare of wasted time and money. She can utilize any space to its best advantage.

Diana listens, understands,and pays attention to the aesthetic details. She has the kind of integrity, personality and knowledge that's vital to working professionally and seamlessly with architects, contractors, and tradespeople.

Diana Riggs can conceptualize, create, plan and Design according to your budget while organizing and managing the most challenging projects. Her resourcefulness can reap you exquisite results while working with your budget.

Her hands-on supervision has given Diana Riggs thrilled and Satisfied Customers. Not only can she orchestrate it all, she can spare you from the headaches and cost of design errors.

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Diana Riggs
PHD Entrepreneurial
MBA Business Administration
BS Commercial Art and Design
BA Art Education

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